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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scooter is Adopted

Scooter went to his new home tonight.  Michelle is a very nice lady who saw Scooter's blog and fell in love.  I didn't think to get a picture until she was walking out the door and Scooter was in the carrier.  She promised to send me a photo for my blog.

He'll have another cat, Charlie, to play with, and a dog.  I sure hope it's a short introduction period.  The few times Scooter was out in the house, he hissed at some cats and ignored others.  Who knows what is better or worse to a cat.  Only they know.  Scooter is a very friendly and loving cat once he knows you, which took a day or two here.

Thank you, Michelle, for giving Scooter a home.  And get him a track ball.  He loves those things.


  1. Good luck to Scooter, I hope all goes well with the existing animals in his new home.

    P.S. The new word verification is terrible, very difficult to make out. Ugh!

  2. I wish him a long And happy life.