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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introducing Scooter

After promising myself I wouldn't take in any more fosters until I had adopted out five or so, I got another call from Erin, the animal control officer at the Warrenton Animal Shelter.  Could I take an 8-month-old long-haired black and white female kitten named Snooki.  She was trapped in back of a store eating out of the dumpster.  As soon as she said "black", I wanted to pass (I already have five black fosters), but I heard the words, "Yeah, I can take her" come out of my mouth, as I had a visual of this feral cat and her living conditions.  And I was definitely changing the name. 

I picked her up on Thursday, and she was beautiful with very fine, silky fur.  I took her directly to the vet.  She was negative for feline leukemia and aids and had a negative fecal.  No fleas, ears were clean, and no runny eyes.  A picture of health!  Yeah!  However......Snooki was a boy, with all his equipment.  I had to call Erin and kid her about it, and tell her Snooki was now Scooter.  He gets neutered on Wednesday.

I put him in the nursery closet for a few days until I knew he was using the litter box, which he went right over to and used.  I also didn't know how feral or friendly he was, but he came right over, rubbed on me, let me pet him and pick him up.  This was definitely not a feral cat.  I was sure he hadn't been outside long and was someone's pet, but nobody had called Animal Control looking for him in two weeks.  Their loss.  What a sweetie.  I let him out into the bedroom an hour later.

Doesn't he look like a scared feral cat?

He has a light gray outline of a soul patch on his chin and is a medium-haired black tuxedo with four white paws, long white whiskers and cute white hairs in his ears.  I have to keep him quarantined for 10 days, but I think I'll be able to let him out in the house very soon.  He'll be available for adoption in a couple weeks.

Scooter quickly made himself at home.


  1. Isn't he gorgeous! No, definitely not feral, he looks very relaxed and quite at home. We hope he finds a wonderful *forever* home very soon.

  2. Someone must have dumped him, Barb. He looks like he had a home at some time. I doubt you will have a problem homing him. He is a beauty. Are your shelters full to the rafters like ours is in Smiths Falls, Ont? 200 sit there right now waiting for homes. Deb

  3. He is a handsome chap! I hope he gets a forever home soon!

  4. What a doll! And who could resist that cute little face?!

  5. Scooter's a great looking cat! I so love the black and whites. If he's lost, I sure hope he can be reunited with his family.

  6. He looks just like my White Sox (yes it's spelled like that lol). I'm sure that 99% of cats with white paws are genetically sweet! Has Scooter found a forever home yet? I hope so! He's SO cute!