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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Photo Hunt Word - LOUD

Today's Photo Hunt word is Loud.  Since cats aren't too loud unless they're running through a room or having issues with each other, and I have no picture of that, I had to look to another source.  My quilts were the most likely, and I found one that fits the category.  This is the second twin quilt in these fabrics that I've made.  I sold the first one, but this one is going on the bed in the panthers' former room, and currently Jilly's room - if it's ever catless.

Although it's not quilted here, it IS quilted now.  However, I quilted it before I got a new mattress for that room.  It's an extra long twin - 5" longer than standard.  I want to make this quilt longer, now, and have a small striped fabric in these colors with a black background.  I'll put a thin border on the sides, and wider ones on the ends.  I'll do the sew-and-flip method to add the borders and quilt it on my Bernina.

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty, Barb, love the cheery colours.

    My new neighbours' kids are very loud...maybe that counts. LOL.