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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ebony is Adopted

My beautiful little girl, Ebony, was adopted today by a very nice man, Jon, and his wife, Pat.  She chose to stay home so she wouldn't see and want all my fosters.  Darn.  I could have arranged that.  So Jon and his son came to look at Ebony.  They love black cats and wanted one to replace one of theirs that died at 21 years of age, and saw Ebony's picture and bio on Heartland's website. 

Ebony with her new dad, Jon. Thank you for giving my girl a great new home.

Ebony after she crawled through an empty Jello box.

Ebony with her best bud, Trevor, before he got adopted.


  1. How wonderful for Ebony! We hope she has a long and happy life in her forever home, Barb. Well done!

  2. One black cat down, 4 more to go :) Congrats Barb!!

  3. Ebony will be spoiled! My mom has a soft spot for black cats and Ebony will find that perfect hand to scratch behind her ears and little treats left out for her.