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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bridgette and Mia

Bridgette, a gray tortie about a year old, and Mia, a black and tan tortie kitten, were rescued by a super-nice lady in west county, who is trying to save a colony of feral cats living behind a grocery store and eating out of the dumpster.  These are the first two she was able to trap.  She had them spayed, tested, and vaccinated.  At first she was going to return them to the colony, but she just couldn't do it and called Heartland.  When she had them at her house, Bridgette found a hole in the bathroom wall and hid inside the wall for days and days until Nita got her to come out.  I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to getting a feral cat that lived in the wall.  Nita brought Bridgette to my house first, and we let her go in the bedroom.  The bed is boarded up at the bottom, but the mattress extends about 9" at the foot of the bed.  That's the only place she could hide in the room.  I let the quilt hang to the floor to give her a dark area to feel secure.  

A week later, she brought a kitten out.  Mia was super sweet from the beginning.  She cuddles and gives kisses, but Bridgette was still hiding and scared.  After a couple weeks of sitting on the floor and talking to Bridgette, I tried to pet her and she let me.  Then I started moving her dish of canned food further away from the bed, and she could only eat if she let me pet her - which she did. A couple nights ago, I was reading in bed and Bridgette jumped up on the bed with me and Mia.  But this morning she jumped on the bed and came over to me and let me pet her.  What a milestone for us both. Shes also very beautiful and smiles for the camera!  When I told Nita that Bridgette was coming on the bed and getting petted, she said she read where taming a feral cat is a 6-month process. I'm glad I didn't know that or I would have worked slower.  Nita calls me the Cat Whisperer.

Mia is about the sweetest, most loving kitten I've ever had.  She has quite a bit a tan mixed in with her black. It was hard to get a picture, because she kept walking to me to get petted.  She is truly a joy to have around.

UPDATE:  Mia has been adopted by my sister, Karen, and her family.  Mia has, in turn, adopted my brother-in-law, Rusty, as her daddy.


  1. You really ARE the cat whisperer! I'm so glad they are both doing well with you.

  2. Mia looks just like my foster cat Lovey! They're very pretty, and I'm glad that Bridgette is doing so well.

    Your kittens shown in previous posts are adorable - Scotty is my favorite. :-)