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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Paper Towel Playtime

 My niece, Brooke, spent a few days with me last week.  This is what we saw in the black cats' room one morning.  I NEVER leave paper towels out.  I KNOW the roll was in the dresser drawer.  This is the reason I buy my paper towels in packs of 18, and then get two of them.  Sure wish I'd had a nanny-cam in the room.  I wonder how long it took and who did it.
 HOUSE  PANTHERS.  Large black cats are sometimes referred to as house panthers. These three cats are Alex's siblings, Mike, Toula, and Ben.  All four cats are large, with Alex being the largest at 15 pounds.  Ben is 14 pounds, with Mike and Toula slightly smaller.  Ben and Toula are let out into the house, but will whine in a few hours to go back in their room.  Mike, however, has issues with a couple of my own cats and can't be let out.  It's really sad that he has to be in here all the time.  He needs a home where he can be the only cat.  And he'd be a great pet.

This is Toula.  She's a beautiful medium-haired black cat.  Very friendly, but doesn't like to be held much.  I pick her up every time I'm in the room and make her stay in my arms as long as possible.  We're up to about 30 second sometimes.  Then she wants down.  But, if I go in and read, she jumps on the arm of the recliner and pesters me to pet her and will lay next to my legs. 


  1. Oh, my....I guess I'm lucky in that no one has done that--my paper towel out on top of the fridge. But to go into a drawer and take it out...well, that takes determination and thought. LOL.

    Toula is gorgeous. Doesn't matter that she doesn't like to be held. Annie never did, and would fuss at me when I picked her up. But she was very affectionate in her own way--and of course we have to take all Beings on their own terms! :-)

  2. They are really creative, aren't they? LOL