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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nita Meets the Panther Cats

The other day when I went in the panthers' room, I gave them their morning feeding, scooped their box, turned around to talk to them and found little Nita drinking out of their water dish.  She evidently snuck in with me, but I didn't see her for about a minute.  I inhaled and held my breath.  Mike and Ben can be bullies with some of my other adults, so I had no idea what they'd do to a small kitten.  Not a thing.  They sniffed and nosed her.  Toula, the longer haired female, even groomed her.  Nita worked her way around the room exploring.

Nita, Mike and Ben

Nita enjoying the view

Nita and Toula
 Toula came around the corner and startled Nita, who got in a crouched position and hissed.

Nita and Toula
 Toula is showing Nita how to use the track ball toy.  Nita said she already knows - she has one, too.

Nita and Ben
 Nita was rubbing on Ben, or it could be Mike. Unless I can see their chests for a white patch, I can't tell them apart.  Whoever this is was rubbing back and licking her.

Nita and Toula
Toula used to be the hissy one in the group, but now she's mellowed out and I can let her out of the room to socialize with the others.

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  1. They're so cute together - I didn't realize how small Nita is - she looks so tiny compared to the adults!