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Monday, November 7, 2011

Pierce Gets Adopted

This is a post I forgot I didn't do.  My apologies, Betsy.  Betsy and her family picked out Pierce a month ago and have been waiting for him to get old enough to get his package (neuter, testing and shots) so he could be adopted.  The day finally came and everybody was so excited.

This is Laney holding Pierce.  I think he'll be sleeping in her room.  He's such a good kitten and will love having a little girl to play with.  Pierce will also have a boy, Jack, to play with.  Every kitten's dream.

This is most of the family, Betsy, Jack, and Laney.  Dad was home.  I have to pinch myself to believe the fabulous people who have adopted my cats.  Thank you, Betsy.

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  1. What a sweet tuxie boy Pierce is. We hope he has a long and happy life in his forever home!